Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Create a center detent knob using Mapulator

You will need Max For Live and the Mapulator Max Device.

Download Mapulator for free here

Ok, you might be like, WTF is a center detent knob??? The most common example of this on DJ mixers. It is a knob that is a hi-pass when you turn it to the right and low-pass when you turn it to the left. Sweet huh?

So lets get started.

Load up Mapulator and 2 auto filters, one a high pass and one a low pass.

Highlight them all using SHIFT+click then group 'em using CTRL+G.

Macro the "Smart" knob on macro 1 or your MIDI controller knob or whatever.

Click the frequency on one of the auto filter then click "Learn" on mapulator. Do this for both. Make sure you choose 2 different parameters in the parameter drop menu.

Now move your macro and watch the line move back and forth, pretty huh?
Click to add modulation. Create a line that starts low and gets high just slightly before the middle for the LP and a line that is all the way down and starts rising just after the middle, I wouldn't have them exactly in the middle if your using a controller, just so you have some leeway.

And BAM! There you go:) Enjoy.