Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Plug-in Review: Thrillseeker VBL


Released in mid 2013 by Variety of Sound, the Thrillseeker VBL emulates the old vintage broadcast limiters of the 50s. It's designed to give you that harmonic tube distortion we all love from vintage analog tube compressors while working in the box. The Thrillseeker VBL has fixed attack and release times that are slow compared to modern brick wall limiters. Regardless of the slower fixed attack and release times, I have put it to good use on many things from acoustic drums, electric guitars, bass guitars, vocals, synths and just about anything. Oh, and the coolest part, it's free.

Cool Features 

When you start to drive this compressor it will start to add some "analog" harmonic distortion, which is not harsh at all and can really fill out sounds very nicely.

Between your "Amp" and "Brilliance" controls you can dial in some great sounding "analog" distortion to fill out just about anything.

When heavily compressing your audio you will start to hear a "pumping" effect, you can turn up the "Emphasis" control to help tame it.

Turning up the "Bias" control can create more focus on high frequencies.

Rating: 5/5
Price: FREE
Format: 32-bit VST only

I would recommend Thrillseeker VBL to anyone working with audio, you will find something it does great no matter if you are producing, mixing, or mastering.

You can download Thrillseeker VBL HERE